COGNITIVE ABDUCTION: Into the Depths of Sound, Power & Energy with Paul Deep

R.A. Bakr

FRISKY’s 2019 New Year’s Day line-up includes ‘Abduction’ with Paul Deep. We sit down and discuss his beginnings, musical spirituality of empowerment, challenges, and well wishes for 2019.

Paul Deep is no stranger to the South American electronic scene. Pablo (Paul Deep’s given name) was born in 1989 in a central province of Buenos Aires. With music track releases on major labels worldwide, such as: SUDBEAT, Dopamine, Asymmetric, and Sound Avenue – just to name a few – his mission in life has always been seeking balance of creation and sound that would forever define him musically.

With combined styles of Deep, Progressive and Techno, Paul Deep is always focused on generating hypnotic and melodious atmospheres both in his productions and with his DJ sets. There is no debate that his constant growth is represented in the finest clubs that Argentina has to offer, such as: Bahrain, La Boite, and Alpa- K. In addition, he shares the stage with support from some of the most notable international electronic artists: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, Guy Mantzur, Maceo Plex Darin Epsilon, CID Inc and many more.

Here’s how our interview went:

It’s a pleasure and honor to meet you, Pablo. I’m truly delighted and excited about our interview and of course with your upcoming show here on FRISKY. If I may, start by asking if you’d kindly share something about your earlier years and growing up in Buenos Aries?

Hello Rhanda, the pleasure is mine.  I am also very excited to participate in a platform that I admire and has continued for years such as FRISKY.

I was born in the interior of the provincial of Buenos Aires, in a small city called General O’Brien, but at the age of 8 I moved to another city in the larger interior that is where I live, it’s called Chivilcoy. In this city I discovered my passion or the beginning of it as I met a group of friends who were DJ’s and had a company of social events and soon began to work with them as an active part of their staff.

Let’s talk about a couple of your key influences. You started deejaying at age 13 and three years later at age 16 turned to production. Who played a key role in your development and what led you to choose this as a career?

On the outside of electronic music, I can say with certainty that Pink Floyd is my biggest influence. And in the world of electronica: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha and Danny Howells are the first ones that come to mind.

At age 13 I was a DJ of social events. But since a few years before, I was already listening to electronic music so I always occupied a special place in my heart for electronica and I looked forward to the possibility of dedicating myself fully to it. One day working for a sound company, the owner (my boss) who had a conventional recording studio, gave me what was for me before and after the soft official Frutty Loops. So I began to commence and experiment with production.  Since I remember, my first permanent job until the last one was always related to music. I think that unconsciously I chose this as my career and every day I am happier to have chosen it.

Many people would say that you’re extremely lucky coming from Argentina, growing up in a rich beautiful diverse culture – not to mention that your country has produced some of the world’s greatest futbol (soccer) stars, [hahahaha]. I’m curious, if at all, how has this influenced your music style?

Argentina is an incredible country both from a geographical landscape and cultural level. I think listening to Hernan was a decisive factor in advocating this particular style. And that in my opinion, I consider it a genre that is nourished and constantly evolves.

Tell me about the process of connecting and communicating with other musicians and also with your fans and followers of your music.

Luckily I have many friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, we don’t get together as often because living in different cities. Every time we agree yes music is amazing that there is nothing more rewarding than to share experiences, knowledge and advice with people who speak the same language.

I have a lot of relations with people who support my music through social networks where they always provide support or check for upcoming performance dates. It is great everything that was generated around the electronic music with the evolution of social networks.

And this leads me to our next question that I like to ask sometimes: I don’t think many would disagree that music allows us to see endless possibilities and also empowers our inner strengths. If you would, tell me what role, if any, do you feel music plays in the multifaceted divisions of the world? And what role in society, as a music artist, do you consider yourself having?

I believe that music connects us with our inner being which is generally kept hidden or sheltered by the industry and essential connection of today.  I believe that music allows us to be ourselves without any type of shell.

I think that other artists do not speak for me. We as artists are individual communicators and I think that the most important thing is to give a positive message no matter how small one considers your contribution.

Since you’ve been working with electronica describe your experience in that universe as an electronic deejay/producer.

Since my beginnings, I was lucky enough to meet colleagues who taught me a lot both professionally and personally. And I think one of the most beautiful experiences in this profession is to see people connect so much with the work of the DJ Set as with their own productions.  There are so few experiences that are this rewarding.

How do you capture ideas as they arrive?

I try to let them flow.  I had a time in which I dedicated – yes, yes daily – no less than 7 to 8 hours in the studio.  After an unproductive stage, I understood that creativity cannot be pushed.  So today I work much more relaxed.

You’ve released tracks with major global electronic labels. Which track can you say is your favorite and had the most fun working on? What kind of challenges did you encounter?

I generally enjoy and find challenges in all the tracks I produce or even remix. But Sentimentalism one of my favorites and it was a challenge to coexist the tranquility and harmony on the one hand with the aggressiveness that presents on the other.

Which label gave you your first contract? Which track? Kindly describe that experience.

My first label many years ago. It was called Wild Things Box, a label in which I released my first deep house releases – which is the genre I started with in the world of production.

You recently released a new three track EP entitled ‘Jiren’ – which includes the title track ‘Jiren’, ‘Sentimentalism’, and ‘Channeling’. After I listened, I connected with them right away. As you mentioned, ‘Sentimentalism’ is one of your favorites – tell me more about the inspirations that came to mind to do these tracks and the names behind each one.

‘Jiren’ is named after a character from the anime Dragon Ball Super. I’ve been a follower since I’ve been very young. I was just working on the track while playing a chapter of the series on the other pc of my studio and an extremely powerful character appeared that caught my attention, Jiren. I felt that the track generated to me as if I had the same abilities seeing its power, energy and depth.

‘Sentimentalism’ was born with a much more melodious and sentimental essence than the rest of my productions.  For me, it conveys a sense of tranquility and calm while at the same time it becomes more effusive. I thought it was a good idea to name it that way because the sentimentalism is linked to many different emotions.

‘Channeling’ is a 100% club track that in turn has very deep nuances as it develops. I try to have my productions always composed of different states and moments, which can generate calm, pain, sadness and euphoria. I find music as my means of channeling.

I also see, you have had great support from super-star deejays such as Hernan Cattaneo and Maceo Plex. Describe the emotions hearing your tracks played by them.

It is incredible to see your work sound in the hands of any colleague and even more if it is one that awakens you a lot of admiration!  My first support from Hernan went to a very special track for me.  It was my first Progressive House track, the first time I was with my sound, with what I really wanted to produce.

Is there any artist/deejay producer would you like to collaborate with? Why?

Oh there are many. I will name only a few because the list would be huge. And the common factor is that they are great friends and excellent producers: John Cosani, Marcelo Vasami, and Nick Varon.

Let’s talk about your FRISKY show Abduction. Kindly share with me how did you get started with FRISKY? What will we be hearing from your mix show Abduction? Anything special FRISKY listeners should look out for?

We started chatting with Paul (Sawyer) in October [2018].  For some time I had the idea of ​​starting with a radio show and the possibility of it being on FRISKY made it even more rewarding. I want to generate small trips of 60 minutes where everyone can connect from the first moment – relax and enjoy.

That’s a unique interesting concept: Abduction. How did you come up with the name and also share with us its meaning?

It is the name of a track I’ve been working on for some time and I think that also because of one of its definitions it connects with the concept of my radio show. Trance. Abduction. Basically, detaching the mind from the body and letting it fly freely.

Outside your music career, what do you like to do for fun? And what makes you really happy?

Spending time with my family – my wife and son.

And before we finish our interview, in one word how would describe your music? And in one word how would you describe yourself?

Hypnotic, I think is the word that best defines my music.

Cautious/careful, I think it’s one of the words that best defines me

I want to thank you for taking time with me and FRISKY in sharing your thoughts to these questions. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Therefore, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

On the contrary, thanks to you for making this interview so enjoyable! We are going to start 2019 and I think it’s a good time to become aware as we contribute a little joy to our society and therefore our world. Not economically, but spiritually on a sacred level – caring for the planet and dealing with others.  It will be a great year for everyone!

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