A Skitzo: New Challenges & New Levels of Music

Lauren Krieger

A Skitzo premieres on Mirabilis with the Doppler EP.

With his latest release on Mirabilis, Bosnia’s A Skitzo combines his eclectic musical background with a dedication for always driving his own music forward to create the unique, hypnotic Doppler EP. The title track is a distinctive, addicting, and strong progressive affair that goes deep and driving, while his collaboration with Farrel for “Dune” gets into your head with its haunting techno elements. In catching up with A Skitzo, learning about his background and philosophy on the music, it was wonderful to get some of the insight behind his style and technique. Check it out & get Mirabilis 113 today: Buy Doppler EP on Beatport

What first drew you into the music?

Definitely my dad and my older brother, both musicians. My dad spends most of his time playing and singing traditional music know as Sevdalinka, originating from the Balkans, specifically Bosnia & Herzegovina. My first steps into DJing are on tapes and old tape players before I got my start as a scratch and turntable DJ, competing on DMC, playing different types of styles from Warp to Ninja Tune. Later, my love developed for house and techno music, which soon started showing up in my productions.

What do you love most about being involved in the music today?

New challenges and new levels. The feeling I get when I make a new track and seeing the crowd react the first time I play it. Watching my music move people. There’s no better feeling in the world. For me, priceless.

What sounds or styles most appeal to you?

Different styles, from progressive to deep to tech house. I don’t let genres define me. I think genres are just a great way to organize music so you can find it easier amongst all the good music in this world.

Do you have specific goals when you set out to work on a new track?

Yes, to outdo myself and find a new “fresh” sound.

You are your only competition.

What was your outlook when producing “Doppler”?

The theme was stuck in my head for 2 days, most likely after watching Godzilla and old Japanese SF movies. 🙂
I started with the brass section, the main theme, then I built everything else around that.

What do you find is the most challenging part of producing a track?


How about the most rewarding part?

Playing it for the first time for my family, friends, and fans. ❤

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