A Day in the Life of Paul Hazendonk

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Take a trip inside a Day in the Life of Paul Hazendonk

Paul Hazendonk is a powerhouse of the electronic music world. DJing since he was 18, he shortly thereafter started the label Technique while working at Rotterdam’s legendary Basic Beat. He has spent years traversing the globe to bring an energetic, deep, and infectious sound to listeners everywhere, his love for the music and its world evident through his live performances and his show Hazendonk FM.

He is also busy behind the scenes running Manual Music, the multi-faceted record company that houses three labels, as well as digital distribution and management.

An avid performer and producer who has his hands in many aspects of the industry, I was glad to catch up to get some insight into a day in his life. Read on to see for yourself what it’s like to be Paul Hazendonk:

img_20160803_223012I’ve never been much of a morning person so I usually wake up around 9.30/10am.

First I check my email, social media and the news on my phone before I get out of bed for a light breakfast.

The Manual Music office is a wooden cabin in my backyard, so it’s literally a 25 meter walk to work which is very convenient as I’m hardly ever stuck in traffic.

The only traffic I might come across are the chickens who are running around freely in the garden, but that’s another story.

At the office I first reply to the most urgent emails and go to my daily routine of whatever that particular day brings. On Monday we usually have a new release on one of our labels (we have four; Manual Music and MNL which I run, and Cinematique which is being run by my good friend Robin + I just bought the legendary Dutch label 90watts which will be re-launched soon) so that pretty much fills up that day. All other office days are never the same as it totally depends on what work there’s to be done. As we’re also taking care of digital distribution for dozens of labels, run our own publishing fund, manage a big catalogue of music and run the Manual Promo Pool there’s always something to be done.

As I’m my own boss I’m pretty flexible when it comes to planning studio time – and meetings on location. I do have a very basic studio setup at the office, but I really only use it to create initial ideas. If I want to work out the ideas further I usually travel to Francesco Pico’s place who lives quite nearby and has got a fully equipped studio.

img_20161006_152937Since my wife has got a normal 9-to-5 job, I’m the one that does the groceries and cooking during the weekdays and walk the dog (yep, we got a dog too next to three chickens and two cats). Monday-, Tuesday- and Wednesday nights are easy going, crashing on the couch watching the latest series and documentaries on Netflix or TV. On Thursday I usually go to the local pub with some of my friends. It’s something we’ve been doing for the past 10/15 years and it’s always nice to celebrate that it’s nearly weekend. Every couple of weeks I spin some records there too, good old vinyls from the ‘60s ‘70s and ‘80s 🙂

dsc_0434My weekend agenda depends on my gig schedule of course. If I don’t have any gigs I like the fact that I can go to my friends’ birthday parties or other get togethers, and it’s also cool to just stay in a watch a movie with my wife instead of going out every night. For many years I’ve been going out 2,3 – sometimes 4 times a weekend but now that I’m getting a little bit older I’m passing that torch on to the younger generation and I really don’t mind staying away from the nightlife every now and then. But of course I do still visit some nice parties and festivals if I get a chance.

friskyadeThank you for the visit into a day in your life, Paul! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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