A Day in the Life of Nicko Izzo

Lauren Krieger

Nicko Izzo brings variety and harmony to his music and life.

Nicko Izzo has an incredible drive for the music, continuously traveling across the planet in the pursuit of the sound. His dedication is evident in the quality of his productions and the energy that comes through in his live sets. From a residency at La Terrrazza, to running Closure Artists, to performing alongside industry greats, Nicko brings hard effort and passionate spirit to everything he touches. His FRISKY show Closure is no exception, with his distinctive combinations of genres and styles blending together to tell a story with every beat. As Nicko says “It’s all about variety, and bringing everything together in harmony“, something you can see he achieves not only in his music, but in his every day life. Read on for a Day in the Life of Nicko Izzo:

view from the balcony of my house1I live between Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

I live in Buenos Aires normally between September to May, traveling for South America and USA. I live in a neighbourhood 40min of the Centre, where there are lakes, ducks, it is quite calm. I like wake up without the city noise and chaos. I already I have this all weekend.

The rest of the year I live in Barcelona, traveling around Europe doing my shows. In Barcelona I live in an apartment in the Centre near the beach.

A day with me:

After a weekend of tours, I start the week not so quiet. I get up early, I make coffee (I can not live without it) and I get to answer emails a few hours.

I take a light lunch. I like to eat healthy during the week. To what people may think of a DJ, I do not take alcohol weekdays, as I’m very healthy and I love the sport.

I go to the gym three times a week and run an hour on other days, where I usually listen to a lot of promos and things that are sent to me.NickoIzzo_new1

Some days a week, I make time to see my nieces and my family who are in Buenos Aires.

Family family2

When I am in Buenos Aires I go to the studio with my partner Marcelo Vasami, where we are doing several tracks together.

Working in a cool path of techno.

regular session at studio with vasamiAt night I’m usually with my girl, we go in search of some new restaurant, eat something, we go to the movies (we love movies) or we get drunk at some bar, things like that. πŸ™‚

with my girlI’m a fan of good food, much of my expenses end there. I love finding new places, and go also to the classics that I like. I am always wrapped in the food, it’s my hobby. When I travel for work I love to do a previous search of good restaurants in the city and if possible go.


Sometimes I also cook for my friends. I love that, it’s something that brings us together and while I cook we have excellent wines and lovely chats.

regular night week with friendsMidweek; normally I hear a lot of music, selecting new things and getting things ready for next weekend.

relax at homeairport lifeIf I’m in Barcelona, it is very similar to my daily life, but when I leave the gym in the morning I go to the beach to spend the day with friends. πŸ™‚ That’s from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday usually begin trips.

travelling with sharambarcelona time offbarceona_offtimeThank you for taking us through a day in your life, Nicko! Be sure to follow the rest of his journey with some upcoming tour dates you won’t want to miss, in Columbia, Brazil, and Spain. June 19th will be an especially exciting event at La Terrrazza with a Sudbeat & Soundgarden party featuring Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Marc Mazenit, Graziano Raffa, and more. In the mean time, go deep with Nicko’s FRISKY show Closure right now!

Tune In: Closure


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