It’s a Natural Thing: A Day in the Life of Bodai

Lauren Krieger

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the lovely Bodai, before her Artist of the Week mix on FRISKY [Exploring the Experimental with Bodai]. We talked about deep music, artistic connections, new projects, and the inspiration behind her Artist of the Week mix, which represented the progress of an entire day: from waking up, to getting in the groove, to unwinding and relaxing. With a reach of over 13K, and a #1 spot on the charts, it’s obvious that her interpretation and perspective was resonating with listeners across the globe.

Now we welcome Bodai as a FRISKY resident, with the launch of her new show Natural on DEEP, premiering on November 9th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone]. Before the premiere, I thought it would be wonderful to get an insight into what her own day is like, and how music plays a part from start to finish. Read on to follow along with a day in the life of Bodai:

Photography by Lau Bacanal

Bodai: I usually wake up between 7 and 8AM and have an organic Breakfast with my love and partner (Exequiel aka Dynacom) and my two cats. Breakfast is for us the most important meal and our “special moment” of the day. It’s when we share our morning thoughts, feelings, maybe ask for advices one to each other, while we enjoy some “mates” together.

The second thing I do is to organize my day making sure I will have this balance needed as the frequent traveler and hyperactive person I am.

My week is usually organized in some hours of consultancy work related to the technology and tourism industry, and the rest of the days I work on my other projects related to the music industry. In all these projects I have to communicate with people from different continents and time zones, which demands a lot of flexibility with times and Skype availability, which I love! As much as I also enjoy speaking and learning different languages from my friends and colleagues around the globe.

Music & Nature definitely help me a lot to reach the equilibrium I need in order to maintain my productivity level high during all my activities.

When I am at home (Buenos Aires), I usually do the cleaning duties in the morning, and also take care of the visual order and the nice aromas in my workplace, which is most of the time my home.

Something that I usually do a lot in the morning is to record new ideas and melodies that I am exploring. It’s when I usually find myself inspired to create.

For the last 3 years I have been exploring different styles, elements, melodies and even own vocals in the studio. I always wanted to discover things by my own even knowing that the path would be much longer, so I am a self-taught producer. This year I decided to start showing different stages of my progress, launching from this month some of my productions I have been working on during the last year. The show “NATURAL” at FRISKY is the perfect place to share my “natural” evolution in each episode. A lot of new music and styles will sound, expressing and sharing my different tastes. I really hope you can feel the spirit and passion in each step of this constant healing therapy. 🙂

In the afternoon is when I usually work on my two labels (Auditen Music & Amitabha Records) with my partner Exequiel aka Dynacom. That consists on listening to demos, answering emails, preparing some covers, send the signed tracks for Mastering (Andrea Cassino), organize the upcoming releases in the social media, check Beatport, reviews, send promos, updating websites, and many other duties that when you realise, the night is coming.

When we have some free time in between these labels and “home” duties, we work on our track selections for our next gigs as duo and also find some time to produce together. We just released our first EP called “Symbiosis” on Amitabha, looking to reflect our special connection as a couple. Now we are working on a second EP for Auditen, which is getting more groovy and intense.

Bodai @Valparaiso, Chile | July 2018

In the evenings I record podcasts, listen to promos and select some new music for the next Gig. Sometimes we receive these lovely visits from friends or family, perfect moment for us for some wine and vinyls before bed. <3

Thank you Bodai! Be sure to tune into the premiere of Natural on November 9th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.


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