A Day in the Life of AFFKT

Lauren Krieger

Follow AFFKT through a day of his music filled life in Valencia

With his experimental yet refined sound that travels across a variety of styles and imprints, AFFKT has been continuously pushing boundaries and spreading multiple levels of energy through his music. His productions stand out with their versatility and creativity, with key releases on labels such as Suara, Kling Klong, Noir Music, and his own Sincopat distinct among the crowd. His latest release “Bittersweet EP” on Suara is a perfect example with its addictive vocals and hypnotic beats, and a smooth and finely tuned production that begs for repeat listens.

His work and influence on the industry goes beyond his productions and DJing however, his life dedicated to running music companies that influence the electronic music world and beyond. Before listening to his Artist of the Week feature on FRISKY, follow a day in the life of AFFKT to learn more about what it takes to make the magic happen again & again:

Studio entrance1I live in the nice city of Valencia, my hometown. For a while I lived in other places like Munich, Berlin or London and I enjoyed and learned so much, but I find here is where I can develop personally and professionally the way I want. For 3 years now we have a big basement were we concentrate Sincopat and Pobla offices, plus the studios for mixing & mastering Pobla Logo studio Hall 1Studio Dj Booth 1and my own production studio. During last years things have changed a lot, the crew is bigger but the mood and feelings are just amazing. I enjoy going to the studio every day and it’s difficult to leave it at night; even when I am tired from the weekend, on Monday I am there from early in the morning. I am personally as proud of having this people working like a super team and a family as I am of any other big achievement I did in my music career.

Office work1Playing arcade1Normal days start checking my emails related to AFFKT, but at the same time the guys are telling me My hands working1what’s the plan for mixing & master that day. I spend most of the morning going from one studio to the other, time runs so fast when you are having fun.

Around 11.30 we have a break for a little lunch, the Spanish kind of lunch (lighter than usual), because we have a midday break around 15.00h. Many days I go to Bikram Yoga at this time for around one hour and half. It definitely helps a lot to keep you mind and body ready.

Mid Day break during the week eating1Me doing Yoga1I know this is not such a European working day but it’s quite Spanish. Around 16.30 Alberto (my partner on Sincopat) arrives and we talk about the planning for the label. He takes care of all the hard work but we decide all together and I also do many tasks; Mattia (who also works with us in the label) joins us in the offices at least once per week. We listen to demos, decide about possible remixers, dates to upload the releases… so much to do with a label. I think people who is not involved doesn’t realize.

Alberto Sincopat partner1I am also with Pobla team working on mastering and mixes whenever they need me until 19.00h and then it’s time for my music. I try to spend at least 2 or 3 hours per day, sometimes not just composing but also playing a bit with instruments, or even sometimes mixing my own tracks if I have to finish a release. Very often I also spend time preparing mixes & mastering for the Sincopat releases.

I normally stay till late in the studio, but I have so much fun and is the only way to be able to keep everything running. I am workaholic, yes, but I am doing my very best to have more free time and do different things aside the music.

Me Working1Me Dj at the booth1Also the fun thing is that everyday is a different adventure. Even when most of the days from Monday to Thursday are like I explained, many times our routine changes. Some Fridays we take the evening off and we go to the mountain not far from the studio to make a BBQ, like last Friday. It’s always great and necessary to take some fresh air.

Friday BBQ in the mountain1Family & Team1Sounds pretty fantastic AFFKT, thank you for taking us behind the scenes!

Don’t miss out on his Artist of the Week mix airing Tuesday June 21st @ 2PM EST [convert timezone]!


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