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For those times when you need to kick off your dancing shoes and just relax into some soothing rhythms, the CHILL channel is here for you. With music that ventures all across the chillout spectrum, from ambient to downtempo, electronica, lounge, soundtracks, and more, the DJs of CHILL bring contemplative and calming mixes to listeners 24/7.

Here we present the top mixes (highest reach), top shows (highest average reach) and favorite mixes & artists (favorited on our mobile app) from the CHILL channel.

1 : Last EDEN – No Tension – February

Reach: 30,663

Last EDEN’s No Tension lives up to its name, bringing an unexpected blend of ambient breaks and melodic chillout that will transport you away from your troubles and invite you into its atmospheric escape. Emotional and moody, the February episode of No Tension has helped tens of thousands go a little deeper into themselves as they relax into sound. Discover for yourself what made this the most popular set over all channels in 2018. [Listen Now]

2: Martin Grey – Zero Gravity – February

Reach: 27,070

Zero Gravity has been a CHILL favorite since 2013, with Martin Grey’s ability to elicit instant relaxation and quiet introspection through his music only increasing over the years. This hugely popular episode is an adventure through light and dark atmospheres, a personal soundtrack for a journey deep into the self, leaving you feeling relaxed yet invigorated by the end of the story. [Listen Now]

3: Last EDEN – No Tension – January

Reach: 25,941

The beginning of 2018 was a good time to experience No Tension, with Last EDEN’s January show landing as the #3 mix for the year. With 16 tracks in one hour, it keeps you locked in for a seamlessly continuous and uniquely creative experience. Accept the invite and get your 2019 started off right with last January’s episode of No Tension. [Listen Now]


1No TensionLastEDENFebruary30,663Listen Now
2Zero GravityMartin GreyFebruary27,070Listen Now
3No TensionLastEDENJanuary25,941Listen Now
4NeptunianPlanetariumApril25,492Listen Now
5Into The NightNicolajFebruary25,361Listen Now
6NeptunianPlanetariumApril25,346Listen Now
7No TensionLastEDENMarch24,585Listen Now
8Zero GravityMartin GreyJanuary24,177Listen Now
9No TensionLastEDENMay22,644Listen Now
10Into The NightNicolajApril22,551Listen Now
11Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovApril21,652Listen Now
12Liquid CoolNick LewisFebruary21,547Listen Now
13NeptunianPlanetariumAugust12,514Listen Now
14HadouDjhanaJuly20,776Listen Now
15Zero GravityMartin GreyMarch19,876Listen Now
16Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovMay19,868Listen Now
17WavesAddlissApril19,646Listen Now
18Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovSeptember19,626Listen Now
19NeptunianPlanetariumJune19,232Listen Now
20Chillout SundaysMichael McGarrityFebruary19,122Listen Now
18,659Listen Now
22WavesAddlissMarch18,573Listen Now
23No TensionLastEDENJuly18,070Listen Now
24Zero GravityMartin GreyAugust17,958Listen Now
25Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovAugust17,822Listen Now

#1: LastEDEN – No Tension

Avg Reach: 19,645

With over 232K streams, 35K listening hours, and 7 appearances on the Top 10 charts, No Tension was the top CHILL show of 2018. Capturing an average reach of over 19K per episode, listeners truly appreciate the carefully crafted and meaningful journeys created by LastEDEN, and love to enjoy its stories again & again. [Listen Now]

#2: Djhana – Hadou

Avg Reach: 17,697

A CHILL favorite since 2013, Japan’s Djhana curates and blends beautiful ambient and chillout with relaxing vibes, seductive vocals, and dark atmospheres. You can expect something fresh and new with every episode, her style capturing the magic of the way that a plethora of emotions can be accessed solely through the power of sound. [Listen Now]

#3: Zero Gravity

Avg Reach: 16,666

A cinematic journey through music, Zero Gravity has a way of capturing your attention through beautiful selections, seamless transitions, and epic storytelling. For those want to drift away and explore the possibilities when you surrender to the sound, Zero Gravity is always there for you. [Listen Now]


ShowAvg ReachLink
1No Tension19,645Listen Now
2Hadou17,697Listen Now
3Zero Gravity16,666Listen Now
4Ambient Around The World16,626Listen Now
5Neptunian16,477Listen Now
6Chillout Sundays14,405Listen Now
7Waves14,357Listen Now
8Into The Night13,715Listen Now
9Liquid Cool12,854Listen Now
10Ambience and Noise11,813Listen Now
11ESCAPISM10,796Listen Now
12Wander10,714Listen Now
13The Invisible Kingdom10,431Listen Now
14Angels10,324Listen Now
15Diversions9,784Listen Now
16Weightless8,320Listen Now
17Ethereal6,299Listen Now
18Infinite Music5,865Listen Now
19Cloud Walking5,842Listen Now
20Unwind5,356Listen Now
21Subzero4,606Listen Now
22CHILL Featured Artist4,265Listen Now
23Eclectika Session1,880Listen Now
24Sunsets904Listen Now

#1: LastEDEN

It’s so surprise to see Last EDEN as the year’s most favorite artist, with No Tension reaching the top of all the charts. The background behind his name gives us some insight into what drives his music: “I decided that in our insane and cruel world for someone my music may be the last island paradise, peace and tranquility where one can relax, unwind and get mental harmony. Therefore, I decided to stay on this phrase – the last paradise.” [Listen Now]

#2: Alexander Gorshkov

Alexander Gorshkov has been bringing his soothing ambient perspectives to CHILL since 2013, connecting listeners around the world through his mellow moods which vary from intense to euphoric, while always remaining interesting and creative. His relaxing style combined with smooth mixing makes his show Ambient Around the World live up to its name. [Listen Now]

#3: Addliss

Featuring mixes of cinematic, chillout, classical, and classic tracks, Addliss has been a favorite of CHILL listeners for more than 8 years. Creating music to surrender to and experience the most of the moment, Addliss encourages listeners to ride the Waves with the support of his soothing sounds. [Listen Now]


2Alexander Gorshkov
5Martin Grey
7Nick Lewis
8DJ Seroton
10Michael McGarrity

#1: No Tension

As the favorite CHILL show of the year, No Tension has accomplished its goal of reaching across the planet to bring listeners into space of peace with every episode. With such amazing support from around the world, we look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer for this popular series. Take a trip through the back catalog now to hear what has made this show a favorite of so many listeners in 2018. [Listen Now]

#2: Ambient Around the World

Alexander Gorshkov’s Ambient Around the World beautifully represents the power of ambient music to alter emotions, calming the soul with relaxing sound selections while lifting the heart up through euphoric interludes. No matter the journey he takes you on, you can always expect to feel lighter after you listen to his mixes. [Listen Now]

#3: Waves

With its eclectic mix of genres, Waves takes listeners across the spectrum of sounds, combining dramatic cinematic soundtracks with deep chillout grooves to create a unique show that can be simultaneously intense and relaxing. Like surfing a wave, the ups and downs create a balance that encourages listeners to let go and enjoy the ride. [Listen Now]


1No Tension
2Ambient Around The World
5Zero Gravity
6Into The Night
7Liquid Cool
8Ambience and Noise