2013 & The Road to the New FRISKY


So, Dec 21 2012 came and the world didn’t end. That means we now have to plan for the future…damn you MAYANS!!! Luckily we were prepared in the 0.00004% chance that the Mayans were wrong in their prediction and had put some things in motion to prepare for such a Zombie-free utopian future that we’re all going to enjoy in 2013.

But first, lets take a look back at 2012. 2012 was even bigger than 2011. We increased our TTSL (Total Time Spent Listening, which is an industry standard for measuring online radio) to 9 million hours. Our website, which admittedly is lacking in content, still managed to see an increase of 2 million new unique visits than the previous year. We went mobile with the launch of an official FRISKY iOS app, and it got featured by Apple and became the most downloaded music app for that week! We launched a new channel featuring content from our popular Chillout Sundays programming. We added new shows from artists that we feel are pushing boundaries and are on the top of their game, producing the best electronic music anywhere!

Now, on to 2013. We’ve been busy developing a number of products that we’ll release this year. Starting with a website redesign, which is currently in private beta at beta.friskyradio.com. We are slowly letting more users in so if you’d like to check it out, sign up to get in the queue to gain access. Due to the response we’ve already got, it might take a while before we can let more people in, so please be patient.

The website redesign is just one small part of what we are calling the #theNewFRISKY. Its not simply a redesign, but a platform on top of which new features and products will be built. Coming soon: the FRISKY web-app with features like smart playlists, recommendations based on what artists and shows you like, social radio features and more discovery. We plan to update our popular iOS app, and yes Android users we heard you loud and clear – FRISKY for Android is coming soon!

For our artists: better ways to connect with their audience, showcase their body of work, ability to sell their latest releases as well as benefit directly from their dj sets is also in the works. We’re pretty excited about all the upcoming features and have a few surprises up our sleeves and we cant wait to show them to you!

On the content side we’ll continue with our belief that quality trumps quantity. We think curation is the key to our growth – which translates to more exposure for our artists and their work. Our audience comes to FRISKY because they expect quality and exclusive electronic music. We plan to double down on this core philosophy and feature the best electronic dance music from the world’s top and most upcoming DJs. So look out for announcements of new shows in the coming days.

FRISKY has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2001. We are heard in over 204 regions across the world. In addition to the web and mobile, FRISKY is available in more devices than ever before. We’re honored that BMW chose FRISKY as one of its Featured Stations in all its model 2012+ BMW cars with the web radio option – so now you can finally get frisky at 100 MPH (eyes on the road please!). In addition to cars, FRISKY is available on Samsung, Pioneer and Panasonic connected TVs, SONY PSP game console, set-top media boxes like Roku, Sonos, WD Live and much more! As the world moves “beyond the desktop and mobile” and into connected hardware products, FRISKY is poised to solidify its position as the leader in electronic dance music.

In closing, I’d like to thank our fans for spending their time with us every day; our artists for their patience as we build the next-generation of FRISKY products that will directly benefit them in more ways than ever before; and our partners and sponsors for their loyal support. I’ll try to be as transparent as possible during the dev cycle and provide updates as I can.

Until next time… Stay FRISKY!