16 Bit Lolitas & INOKI:Deep take us behind the scenes of NYC & their next big show

Lauren Krieger

InokiDeep brings 16 Bit Lolitas to NYC for a unique outdoor summertime event, supported by FRISKY.

If you’re not sure what to do in NYC this weekend, INOKI:Deep has got something special for you. A full day of top quality underground electronic music, delivered by the always fantastic 16 Bit Lolitas and a stellar supporting cast of DJs, in a beautiful outdoor setting with city views and atmosphere unlike any other. The perfect way to end the Summer. Come with us as we go behind the scenes with promoter Boris & 16 Bit Lolitas to learn more about INOKI, DJing in NYC, and what to look forward to:

FBcoverThe Details:

Saturday August 29
Inoki Party presents

featuring music by
16 Bit Lolitas (Anjunadeep)
Mark Cobián
Wild Dark
Sam Allan

@ Watermark Patio
78 South Street NYC

Doors 1pm-11pm

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Watermark Bar


What is the Inoki project & Inoki Deep all about?

Boris: INOKI is all about bringing top notch talent to NYC without being bound by genres. INOKI Deep is our first party with 16bit Lolitas, who we’re long-time fans of.

How did the idea of this event & the featured DJs come around?

Boris: My partner and I have worked together promoting parties for a little over 10 years now, and this is pretty much the result of that. The name is a combination of of both our last names, suggested by my mother, lol. The “Deep” Part comes from 16bit’s AnjunaDeep affiliation.

What is the toughest part & the most rewarding part of being a promoter in this industry?

Boris: The toughest part can be dealing with the unexpected obstacles that get thrown at you. The rewarding part is handling them in a creative way that can actually end up making your party turn out better than you originally intended.

What is the best part of the underground electronic music scene in NYC?

Boris: The scene in NYC is constantly changing. I find out about new parties and tiny niches I’d never hear of all the time. Occasionally there are times when people from all different scenes come together for one show. Having an eclectic mix of people come together always makes for an interesting atmosphere & that’s what we’d like to bring to the table with our parties.



What has been your experience playing in NYC & what are you looking forward to most about this gig?

16 Bit Lolitas: The first time we came to play in NYC is almost 10 years ago now. It’s just a vibrant,
amazing place. Everything is much bigger there than over here in Holland. I remember that
even the hotel we were staying in was probably taller than the largest building in Amsterdam.
We have quite some fans in the States, so we’re really looking forward to this!

Your FRISKY show is always a favorite, the variety of genres with a distinct style makes it a must listen every time. Do you feel your music tastes are always changing, or are they currently moving in a definitive direction? What can listeners expect to hear in both your radio show & your live show?

16 Bit Lolitas: We like the stuff we like, its not so much a single style but a blend of styles that allows us to (hopefully) create a ‘storyline’ that keeps people interested and keeps people moving.
We’re not smart enough anyway to understand all the names of the styles that exist now. So
we’ll just keep making and playing what we like and what we think might work.

What is it about this music that keeps you going?

16 Bit Lolitas: Creating music is an addiction. And being in a position where DJ’s around the globe
play our music, that only feeds that addiction. It’s just a privilege for us to be in this
position. We haven’t gotten bored with it yet because we never allowed ourselves to use
formats or templates and we have always tried to never repeat ourselves.

But mostly we love music, any kind of music. Passion is enough to keep you going a lifetime.

What’s coming up next for 16 Bit Lolitas?

16 Bit Lolitas: We’re currently working on some new EP’s that will be out soon! And also check out Cubicolor, our new project that has been going from strength to strength! We just did a
video for the track ‘Down the Wall’ that we’re very proud of. Some newschool, oldschool
underground visuals. If you have a moment, check it out on youtube! Cheers!


Thank you to Boris & 16 Bit Lolitas for the insight! Get ready for the main event this Saturday August 29th from 1PM – 11PM by listening to the latest episode of 16 Bits & Pieces now!:

Listen Now: 16 Bits & Pieces